"I can only speak in superlatives of Christie Gardens. The care which my Mother received was excellent; the programmes which are available to Residents are numerous; the opportunity to socialize high ... this gave my Mother a sense of security allowing her to relax and simply enjoy life."
Mr. Alexander Henderson, LL.B.

"Seniors represent a worldwide challenge to social planners who have to figure out how to feed and house us. One of the most innovative responses to those needs can be found in Central-West Toronto, on a street not far from the trendy Annex neighbourhood ... Christie Gardens"
Sheila Kieran, Condo Living, Toronto Star

"I've lucked out. The dining is fabulous, a delicious meal every other night is wonderful. I've had parties, and Dining Services assisted me, everything turned out beautifully. There we were in the private dining room, my friends couldn't believe it -- Shirley's lucked out again!"
S. Stewart, Former Resident, Christie Gardens

"We moved to Christie Gardens last fall and are very pleased to have made this choice. My husband's health has improved dramatically since we have been here. His anxiety has almost disappeared (giving me a lot more freedom in my movements). The staff is friendly and attentive (and well treated), the services are excellent, and include many creative activities in various fields. Sometimes we wonder if all of this will last, but for now the system works well and even people who have lived here for about thirty years are happy and say they have nothing to complain about."
BCN – Resident